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I’ve never hired an architect before, what should I expect? 

One of the great things about our profession is each project/client is unique, so every day is an adventure.

For most people, this adventure is both exciting, and scary at the same time. Our goal is to guide you through the process and allow the vision of your project to become a reality. While this is a collaborative effort, we are mindful of the fact that the project is YOURS, not ours, and work hand-in-hand with you to produce designs that are innovative and inspiring, while recognizing the budgetary requirements of each project.

Our dedication to technology and training allows us to produce high quality designs and documents in a very efficient and cost effective manner. In addition, we employ the use of our in-house, award winning 3D computer graphic studio, to study options, convey design intent and provide our clients with the highest quality marketing and fundraising materials.

We are extremely dedicated to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. If we do our job correctly, you will end up with a custom design that you will be proud of, and you will hopefully refer us to your friends and family. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have NEVER advertised, and the majority of our customers are repeat or “word of mouth” references.

What services do you provide?

While each project is unique, we typically provide the following services:

  • Initial planning/programming
  • Schematic Design/Design Visualization
  • Design Development
  • Contractor Selection/cost estimating
  • Construction Drawings / Documentation
  • Interior Design
  • Construction Administration

If I am building a home, do I really need to hire an architect? Can’t I save money if I purchase a plan online?

Obviously our hope is that you take advantage of our years of design experience and allow us to work with you to provide the custom home of your dreams that takes advantage of your specific site and programmatic needs, however many municipalities do NOT require the services of a licensed architect for home design, so if you find a plan that you like online you can often save money purchasing a “plan book” plan. We are available to assist you with minor plan modifications should you decide this is the way you wish to proceed, however there are copyright issues which will need to be addressed which we can discuss in our initial consultation.

Do you guys have stock plans/designs that I can choose from for my project?

We do not. All of our projects are “custom”, therefore we don’t resell plans, so your project will be one of a kind.

Do I need to bring in other design consultants for my project?

Depending on the complexity, location, and type of project, we may require additional consultants to be involved including, but not limited to Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, and Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. We will assist you with the selection of the required consultants and typically include their fees in our proposal so you have one point of contact.

Can you help me find someone to build my project or can I bring by own contractor?

You can bring your own contractor to the table or we can refer to you what we would consider a group of “select” contractors with whom we have a track record of many successful projects for you to interview. We can also assist you with the evaluation/selection of contractors following interviews.

This all sounds great, but how much is this going to cost?

Due to the varied complexity and scope/size of projects it is impossible to predict costs without a consultation. Unlike some architects, we don’t charge a set fee per gross square foot of the project or base our fees on estimated construction cost. Unless specifically requested otherwise, all of our fees are time-based. We either work on an hourly basis, or we will provide a fixed fee based on an anticipated amount of hours required for the project. 
After our initial consultation, we will provide you a detailed proposal outlining our scope of services for the project and anticipated fees.

What do you charge for an initial consultation?

If you are still exploring options and wish to talk about a potential project, just give us a call - we don’t charge for initial consultations and would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss the project and our range of services.
How is billing handled by your firm?
We typically bill approximately every few weeks based on project completion and expenses incurred. Depending on the project, we may require a retainer before beginning work. Details of the retainer and payment terms will be included in our initial proposal.

What if I decide to not build the project after you’re done with the drawings - do I still need to pay you?
Yes. While it is our hope that all of our projects get constructed, it’s not unusual for a few of them to never get build for various reasons. Our scope of work is for design/development of the plans and has little to do with the actual constructed project.